I went to Horizon Middle School on Resevoir Road in Aurora, Colorado in the 8th Grade

I was 13 years old, 1985 – 1986 living on Aurora, Colorado and I was in the field across the street from a Southland Construction Site where an AMC 10 Theater and a 7- Eleven was built and I found a Police Badge with an Eagle on top presumably a Federal one and a white spot in the middle with the letters US in blue, some older kids gave me some Qualude set me on a ten speed and push me down a hill into traffic on Resevoir Road, accused of Robbing Riley a kid that lived on the Street and my first tax paying job and it was with the US EPA at the Prairie Conservation Center on Hampden Avenue, 2 years before some older kids nearly strangled me to death in the bathroom and the Science Teacher accused me of stealing some money off him.

I became a Physician and a US Marshal (Magistrate) in Denver, Colorado but was never issued proof positive Identification to that effect.

Some years later, I passed the US EPA exam and later on when in Charlottesville, VA I showed it at the Unemployment Commission and then voluntarily walked into UVA with a complaint of Amnesia and they gave me a pill and called me a Schizophrenic and then 2 years later sent me to prison for a Robbery I didn’t commit.

It was all probably just US Army – Air Force Training or something like that, I’m alive and relatively happy.

Coincidentally, my birthday 7/11, how convenient, huh!

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