There difinately is a threat coming from the Rapists to make Forcible Sodomy and Child Molestation Legal

And it’s violent!

Many of my blood relatives are City Federal Police like Homeland Security and at about the time I graduated from Marshal College when 3 of my teenage female cousins would show up where I slept until I opened my eyes until I see them in standing there in panties an a t-shirt and I think that because I didn’t rape them they told everyone that I did and I’m pretty sure their all bisexual and they want me dead because except for 3 days it’s been over 12 years since I been anywhere near them and I think it’s because they’re stealing my US Marshal Paycheck and because I’m basically a world famous celebrity as well seen in the company of other world famous celebrities alot and I have had other work in restaurants, trucking, construction and more aggravation than I can stand for about a thousand dollars a month from Social Security and Medicare.

I even had to pull 9 years consecutively in the Virginia Correctional System as a “Patient Inmate”.

I was made a US Marshal but was never given anything to carry with me accept the memory.

The City Federal Police were brought to power to assist the Sheriff-Marshal in keeping the peace on Plantations, Farms, Ranches, Parks, Military Bases, Jails, Prisons, Universities, Hospitals, Sanitariums, Seaports and Airports to furthur define Private Property Laws and to make clear the fact that a person only has rights to their body when they respect the rights of every body.

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