One of my Stories

I once awoke at a Observatory and I got to look up at the stars through a télescope and at the time I think I was recovering from a broken neck and paralysis and I believe that they converted that telescope into an Electron Microscope and an Electrolysis Machine that helped restore my body to good health. I think that they harnesses the telescopes ability to send electrical pulses into outerspace and then draw them back through magnetism, induction and alternating current and with a shot of epinephrine or adrenaline my heart acted as a neural pump and body’s Central Nervous System, the Brain and Spinal Chord, were able to be repaired as I believe electrodes were placed on my skin along Peripheral Nervoys System Pathways where the damage was to draw the energy that was being transmitted into my head through the eye piece as I believe metalic paint which is very electrically conductive was used to absorb the pulsing action. I then think to celebrate they made a Television Show with Bodybuilder Super Heavyweight Lou Ferringo and Bill Bixby or Bill Baxter called the Incredible Hulk based on a Comic Book Super Hero of a Doctor that experimented on himself and when angry turns Green and grows really big and really fast and then when he calms down he returns to normal.

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