The US Marshal that has to be victimized in the effort to capture Rapists – Murderers or any other violent Felony is entitled to $50,000 Bounty per capture in addition to their Salary to be be paid by the US Treasury Bank Police and to be delivered by the US Secret Service Police because the job of bait is a training practice that belongs to the paid enlisted and for a Judge to have to do it the danger level to the victim is tenfold or more, I think is the deal

The Banker knows this is true don’t you Mr. President or should I say US Treasury Police Chief.

How many have this US Marshal captured to date that he’s still waiting for the money on?

I guess you have to care about the laws to understand them.

I’m just tired and sore and it seems like very few people are even grateful that with so much power I haven’t turned to a life of crime.

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