The Government’s giving me the impression their nothing but rapist – murderers while they tell everyone that I’m the Government because I’m a Marshal w/o a gun and I’m their promlem because I’m not a homosexual prostitute and that I don’t deserve a shower or to live indoors so that I smell like a salty dog that some really violent rapist homosexual will kill for turning them down on a gay date

The Urban Rest Stop in Seattle, Washington USA is apparently unable to provide showers to those in need for another week and they don’t have any washclothes that I could take with me and thier only two or three streets away from the City Police Station and the United States District Court where County – Federal Cases are heard and I keep hearing in my head the exclamations in my head, “We don’t care!” “So what!” “Eat shit and die” and whoever it is sounds like a criminal that plans rapes and murders, I’m really really sure I’v never Raped, Murdered anyone and faced with life and death in Prison in Virginia I changed my innocent plea to guilty on legal counsels advice while I was heavily sedated on medication prescribed by the doctor working for the police at Region 10 CSB in Charlottesville, Virginia and at the City and County Jail in Virginia.

I’m starting to thi k Virginians are nothing but liars and thieves w/ badges and guns and just like the books written by them that say they started the “Civil War 1861-1865” they’re still doing it but I could be wrong I could just be getting used in a very.dangerous way because I’m a US Marshal and I’ve been on homeless man detail since the day I started almost 27 years ago.

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