The Legend of the Marshal started before Jesus of Nazareth and the Sacrifice he made by dying on the cross at Calvary to establish a Church in the name of God

It involves Vikings (Police) from West of Israel and Holy Prophets (Sheriffs) from the East and Warriors (Military) from the Far East and Priests from the North and Pharoahs from the South and the Marshal seems to have lived amongst them all and at the time of the Crucifixion their story has taken root in the establishment of cities where all that are willing to work are welcome to come and Praise and Worship God for the Mercy of having created Human Life and to be willing to give and receive Charity.

It was around the 1600’s or the 17th Century that the first Official Marshals appeared to be working for Government and they’re legend becomes a part of any History Lesson at the Courthouse.

US History teaches us that the Marshal established the US Courthouse about 1787 and the Supreme Court in 1789 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and then became Chief of the Federal Banking System North, South, Rast and West of the City of Brotherly Love Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA and then the Marshal and the Court’s followers all went to Washington, DC a city that straddles the State Line of Maryland and Virginia where one day that Cit would be known as the Official Customs House and the US Marshal would become a powerful Sheriff and Chief of Police with National Guard at the Congress and Coast Guard at the Courts another named Secret Service at the White House who would represent them to all the world temporarily before returning home when their term was all over.

The Official Chief of the Sheriff Police is the Man in Uniform at the Supreme Court that calls the Court to order announcing that Court is now in Session.

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