All City Treasury Police Officers are Federal Bankers

The Sheriff and Deputies operate the United States Treasury Bank and all of the affiliate Banks.

One way to look at it is if you own your house your a Police Officer and if you own your House and your Business your a Sheriff.

A House represents a Doctor’s point of view and a Business represents a Lawyer’s.

To know both would to be Sheriff to have Mastered both Ideas would to be Marshal.

And since I don’t know both I’m not exactly Police or Sheriff butbecause I’m a Poor Man on Social Security and Medicare living in the Meta-Physical World that has Mastered the idea I’m not entitled to Police Property and lot of people think that something’s wrong with the Legal System especially the one’s familiar with my Case who are pretty sure I’ve never been homosexual, married, parented a child, owned a morgage or a loan for an automobile and have made a significant contribution to profitable business and been underpaid according to the Terms of the Contracts.

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