Charlottesville, Virginia and the University of Virginia United States Army Judge Advocate General’s Office main Industry is Virginia Gas and Oil and British Petroleum (BP)

And the Marshals there thought it was a great idea to label this Marshal Schizophrenic on a complaint of Amnesia and then framw him for robbery after he turned down a bunch of queers for sex and or violence with them while he was living at a shelter.

So much for the moral value system of the people that own the Omni Hotel and Hospitality Industry connected by an adjoining fence to the US Courthouse of Appeals in Charlottesville, Virginia and it’s probably most definately the reason why if you consider I’ve never been issued Marshal Property and it was about 18 years later.

But, after all, Denver, CO and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania witnessed the Contract signings With Washington, DC Representatives at the US Courthouse’s in those Jurisdictions so I guess everybody’s got an Ali-bi, almost.

It’s 8/2015 and I left the 4th US Courthouse of Appeals Jurisdiction back in 7/2013 and except for passing though aboard the Amtrak Train twice and the Greyhound Bus once I haven’t been back there and I guess I don’t ever really want to and it’s probably better that way but I just never know where life might lead me now that I don’t really have much of anything to look forward too in this world. I’m sort of glad that my life turned out this way after all the trouble I had growing up and learning to understand.

God is good!

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