It’s advertised that the City Police have control of the Treasury Bank and the Sheriff has control over all other Banks and the State Department works at those other than Treasury Banks

The State is the Military is the Federal Government and I just got mistreated at the King County Public Law Library in Seattle, Washington USA.

I am a US Marshal but for some unknown reason the Police Property due will not be released to me.

Which really is quite a miscarriage of Justice because at 16 y.o. according to the Civil Service I was a US Magistrate or Physician and a Lawyer and by 19 y.o. I was a Physician Attorney right before I became a US Marshal.

The Office of the US Civil Service is operated by the GSA/GPO/GAO which also prints all US Currency and the only thing that comes to mind is that there is far too many Police and Sheriff or Lawyers and Attorneys that probably want more money to honor the Contracts they had me sign in Courts of Law and they probably want to have unnatural relations with me and will stop at nothing until they get both.

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