Life at the Shelter Drop In Center called “On Our Own”

I am a Professor of General Medicine and a United States Marshal who the Court decided not to issue Credentials for some secret reason givin me the explanation when I grew up I would understand why as I was teenager at the time who while wandering poor and alone through the area sought shelter with the Salvation Army and the Police Department and then University of Virginia and Saint Mary’s Hospital  before  I was asked to live at a residential Mental Health Treatment Center with an Outpatient Social/Psychology Program classified for Rehabilitation as part of Region 10 Consumer Services Board for 18 months as a patient while I had Amnesia that was being treated as Schizophrenia with 800 mg Seroquel and 80 mg of Geodon on occasion and this all took place from 6/2004 – 1/2006 I even participated in the WRAP Program that was offeered which is 2 hours a wek for 8 weeks on how to write a Living Will and Power of Attorney (I do believe that was offered by the Addison County (Vermont and Texas) Sheriff (the County that seperates the Dallas, Texas Coin Mint from the Fort Worth, Texas Western Currency Facility where all United States Currency is Printed who sent a United States Army Colonel named Addison to Philadelphia, PA way back when to offer me the 2nd part of the US Marshal Service Contract and the AADSVAB, I think, of which the first contract was signed before the Court at the US Court of Appeals in Denver, CO that makes me a United States Army Provost Marshal for life barring Impeachment on Capitol Hill before the US Congress) when after I moved into a semi – private residence, I had a near fatal Pulmonary Emboli or Heart Attack and Stroke and then I was framed for a District Robbery 4 months later and placed in the Virginia Prison System for 3 years 8 months and then placed in a Police Halfway House across the street from the UVA Medical School at the Chancellor Building where I purchased a large quanity of Medical Books and continued with my studies getting refamiliarized with Textbook Medicine with the notice from District 9 Probation and Parole that “I’m actually the Chancellor”.  After 3 years, I moved out because of getting slashed by a knifer around the Corner 14th Street and University Avenue and thousands of instances of harassment by way of threats and intimidaton and homosexual offers but I’m sure the true reason is my Amnesia cleared up satisfactorily and they couldn’t wait to get me out of the neighborhood long enough for me to decide to leave on my own.

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