It’s hard to believe enough without all of these fakes running around

I believe that not only did my parents engage in criminal behavior because I wouldn’t go queer but Criminals in the Coast Guard and National Guard took up their cause as I often woke up in the custody of the Jail where both the Coast Guard and National Guard work and since I was Confirmed as a US Marshal Police Officer but the Property required to do the job was withheld and I have been suffering for the last 27 years fighting off not only Homosexuals that act like Criminals but Bus Drivers, Train Operators, Truck Drivers, Construction Workers, Security Guards and many other sorts of people, that all feel homosexuality is meant for everyone and will use force to prove it and that’s what makes it Criminal and I know it’s true every time one of them does something out of the ordinary that’s very insulting and cause harm like just a little while ago a Bus Driver on the Metro transit Route 166 shut the door in my face as I was struggling with my bag that I keep all of my worldly possessions in and the same exact thing happened several years ago ( I think it’s an attempt to have me beg to be put in Shelter care with a bunch of Probationaries and Parolees that are probably homosexuals because I’ve been around awhile in the System and I am a real Professor and I know they’re the only ones who really get shelter care because they’re having sex with the government) since I have been put on Social Security by the State and I am Homeless just trying to survive in on streets filled with the National Guard and Coast Guard patrolling everywhere and some of whom are homosexual and might even have had to get very violent with people that don’t like them because they are Police that don’t pay restitution rather than Homosexuals and Restitution means to stop bothering someone that doesn’t want to have sex with you because Rape is against the Law and if you’re Government you’re encouraging Revolution by War so give yourself a break and stay away from someone that hasn’t done anything to you except turn you down on a gay date because they are not gay or you really could lose your job and maybe even a whole lot more.

It’s interesting that the Trinity Community Church is Baptist and is in the area of the National Guard Base in North Kent, Washington and since there is a Trinity Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I’m from and in Charlottesville, Virginia where they thought nothing of locking me up two years after they did a Criminal Background check on me that came back clean as many residents and tourists made numerous homosexual passes at me everywhere and since I was sedated by the State at the time and the State who also works for the Sheriff who also works for the Navy and the Civil Court which is the Police seems to not really want to do much for me I don’t know what else to do except tell you all about it, again.

Like I said I am a US Marshal Police Officer and whether they like it or not every time they get out of line with me knowing so they’re in violation and that makes them violators just like rapists that take sex by force from people that don’t want to give it to them and that’s what people are truly thinking of the National Guard and Coast Guard or should I say the Sheriff and Police because that’s who they really are.

I hope they don’t come after any further around here because after they’ve taken everything else away the only thing I’ve got left to lose is my skin and well such is life and there’s no need to act like a sissy about it because everybody dies once in this life and only God can bring someone back from the dead and that is the truth.

Have a nice day.

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