They’re Alive

Sometimes, though, I wonder if my parents are dead. My Mom’s family (Doyle) is from Washington, DC with Atlanta, Georgia roots and my Dad’s family (Reif) is from Pennsylvainia and I think that they had hoped that I would understand why they helped me become a Marshal on Welfare since they both have really big families and always told me that it’s a secret and I’d be doing the a service by not telling anyone.

I guess to be a “Doyle” is to be a local police/firefighter or nurse/lawyer that hate’s a “Reif” a State Physician/Attorney like a US Marshal even if it’s your Grandson, Son or Nephew.

I guess I’m just.supposed to pay the debt for their hatred getting the best of themthem or something likethat for all I know they never ever really did want to tell me nothin and that includes the possibility they’re all local Feds like the Department of Homeland Security.

Knowing my life that ain’t even their real names.

I understand where they’re coming from and I just wanted to know if anyone can get me out of this place cause it all seems like Greek to me and maybe I’d be better understood in another country but I guess that will have to wait since the Court has made a Federal case out of my life.

I suffered a Circuit Court Conviction as a result of Legal Counsel’s Advice for something I didn’t do and it sure seems like a lot of homosexuals understand exactly what I’m talking about too bad I’m not queer, huh, I guess I might be the one that’s actually dead, almost.

The Federal Police up there in NYC are State Government Officials originally from Pennsylvania to Georgia and the State Attorney/C.I.A. is they Soldier/Sailor that investigates the activities of anyone made Government that’s from the Pennsylvania to Georgia Region and the F.B.I. makes the bust when the times right and the Secret Service Police give the go ahead to drop the Marshal from payroll and the tax paying world to die a bum and a victim cause they say the other Marshals don’t need them anymore.

I guess it’s somewhat like saying that I quit and they don’t realize that the Court might begin to say the same about them because they might feel as if they’re not only engaging in usury with me but that they’ve made a declaration of war on them by leaving me homeless while they follow me around giving orders and making demands of everyone with regards about what to say and do with me.

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