Could it be in the worst of times

The Sheriff prepares the duty roster for City Police/Firefighters and transfers them from one city to another as they are County Deputies within the County outside the City Limits and if they disagree with the transfer than eventually no pay for the one that refuses the transfer and their conspirators meaning City Services begin to shut down and sometimes robbery beccomes a way of life as does prostitution, alcoholism and drug addiction otherwise called vice within the City and the purpose of the US Marshal was to provide funding through more reasonable media than the pornography offered by vice addicts until the transfer could be worked out and the City Police/Firefighters would go quietly to another City as the Sheriff directs. One of the most serious problems with County Law is that most people don’t like it because it’s a lot of work and if there is rebellion beyond the City Limits it’s too dangerous for a well known City Police/Firefighters and they decide to remain at the Post usually a City Hotel or Motel to maintain Law and Order there and as this is City Law it tends to drive people in the City to the Streets because the Sheriff demands rotations that include field work in the battle zone which is County Territory between Cities as this is what keeps the roads from the factories and farms safe and open for business.

If the US Marshal is injured or killed in the City the Sheriff has no reason to supply the City with extra commercial goods and services as the US Marshal is considered to be an equal with the Sheriff but a Police Officer designed to understand and implement the Sheriff’s formula where ever they may be.

The Sheriff once thought an estate manager or State Attorney/Physician or State Police was the best way to keep the peace in an unruly city with uncooperative City Police/Firefighters that refuse transfers but I think that City Police/Firefighters often disagree and they are targeted and then evicted before unruly City Police/Firefighters ever cooperate.

Sometimes, I woner why it’s like this but I think I understand now that I’m over 40 years old and on the streets.

It’s just the way it is these days.

Maybe one day I’ll have that little house out on the prairie with a wagon all my own.

So long.

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