Psychsomatic Illness

Perceived threats that cause imaginary sensations.

The anger of yesterday and the need for revenge held over until today by not notifying the community in writing and realzing the laws and the decison to punish violators are made in congress while planning violence towards those that have hurt you in the past.

Includes issues with sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

Prayer for help alone and with friends to let go of hard feelings with the help of God’s Holy Spirit sometimes feels like relief is slow in coming but it is effective and works as long you believe it does or it won’t.

Psychosomatic Illness is called a Mental Health condition and left unresolved there will be a need for legal treatment such as sedatives but most people just want to handle it with sex, street drugs and alcohol.

Street Drug Profits are made outside of Public Government Rules and Regulations and are not taxed for the benefit of the entire community treasure chest that pays for Government Employment Programs and Wages, Social Security and Medicare, until the Police bust them for it usually after too many complaints of Psychsomatic Illness that has culminated into a serious violent crime wave and the unexpected death of small children usually their own.

I’m sorry if people don’t know why I talk the way I do and tell it like it is but I’m a court reporter and I can be held liable if I don’t unlike the average person working for the newspaper that often indulges in fantasy and gives fairy tale reasons to explain it all away making the pain they feel like a hibernating animal that wakes from a long winter’s rest hungry and thirsty and on the hunt for nourishment.

Fairy Tales are make believe stories called Fiction and are meant to put people asleep until there is an emergency and they have to put down those fairy tales and face reality and the laws that have proven to keep us safest.

Fairy Tales are often read by those that are protected the most and are told by the ones that protect them. It is a high price to pay on both sides of the argument about what it takes to have a friend through thick and thin, rest and work, war and peace but it is considered a very valuable commodity to possess and to me almost as valuable as a true story.

True Stories are something more tangible than make believe and are called Non-Fiction and they are meant to keep people awke and alert as to what’s going on around them so that they will be able to contribute something of both mind and body to the longevity of the entire community and it is recognized as the best approach to community governance and the equal sharing of wealth to those that want to work to keep the peace and those that make the extra effort and actually do something to prevent crime in the neighborhood by risking their life everyday communicating a healthy value system of making time for working and playing nice with others.

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