The US Police, Federal Police and Military Police operate community policing and subject anyone convicted of a crime and in an emergency anyone suspected of a crime to disciplinary measures that might include relocation to any of the Federal Districts within the USA or any of the Protectorates throughout the World and this is called the Federal Posse

Statistically any police officer or firefighter part of this detail if told to eat, shower or live in the facilities designed for criminals and suspects will not avoid being a victim of crime as one with their weapon.
The leader of the Federal Posse is the US Marshal.
I’ve been a US Marshal w/o a weapon for 23 years.
I was a US Magistrate for almost 4 years before that.
Sounds like a death sentence to me given by the State Government on a 19 year old.
I’m 43 years old and I’ve been homeless for over 2 years and the State won’t help me get even State Identification.

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