In June 2004 this US Marshal who had never been given his weapon backpacks it into Charlottesvilli, VA and the 2nd day he’s there he goes to the Police Department and says I need a criminal background check done on myself so that I can the Salvation Army Misson because I don’t have any State Identification and they give it to him and 2 weeks later after a lot of scuffling with homosexuals he goes to the UVA ER with complaints of stomach and headaches and nightmares and he thinks he has amnesia to the fact he’s a US Marshal but knows his mom and dad are state and federal workers of some degree and they give him a pill that knocks him unconcious for 5 days and then almost 2 years later in jail, sedated and on legal counsels advice pleads guilty to the mugging of what appears to be a gay man ( a queen) he says he didn’t do and after several years in prison he’s been homeless for over 2 years w/o State Identification and in Seattle, Washington now

Sounds funny in a sick sort of way.
This US Marshal is me.

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