I’m pretty sure Philadelphia, PA City Hall is still US Marshal H.Q. and the US Courthouse is US Marshal College even though it’s advertised as being the 6 building complex on “D” Street at about the 400 block in Washington DC called “The Thigbe Center” right next door to the Criminal Justice Center practically and the Bank of America, where my check is directly deposited, I think, what does Allied Barton Security (ABS) Services (Deputy Federal Sheriff) have to day to that as direct supervison of Military Intelligence or Magistrates or Marines on a case like this one

Philadelphia, PA City Hall is mostly staffed by Black People and I’m white and US Marshal that’s never been paid born and raised in Philadelphia, PA which coincidentially has a extremely large white population of Whores and Junkies the last time I checked.
It does appear as though the US Treasury Mint in Philadelphia, PA is staffed by White People and that is a gun and ammunition manufacturing plant for as much as it makes coin.
So I guess they made a deal between them that leaves me impoverished not able to marry, have children, own real estate or any other job than the Ministry of Jesus Christ for a decent Social Security Check, Medicare and a label of “Criminally Insane” because of a Schizophrenia Diagnosis and a Robbery Conviction in Aurora, Colorado and Charlottesville, Virginia.

William Penn and Philadelphia’s Puerto Ricans are Policing the West Indies from the Federal District in Puerto Rico.

Conneticut is Coast Guard Academy.

Fort Dix Military and Fort McGuire Air Force are Military Police (A.W.O.L. Task Force) Training Center.

West point, New York is Army Academy.

Kings Point, New York is Merchant Marine Academy.

Annapolis, Maryland is US Navy H.Q. and Criminal Justice (F.B.I.) Training Center.

Saint Louis, Missouri is US Army and N.A.R.A. HQ and F.B.I. Training Center.

Lincoln, Nebraska is National Guard.

Aurora, Colorado is essentially the NYPD Federals and US Army/Air Force Military Communications Center.

Colorado Springs, Colorado is US Air Force Academy and HQ.

La Junta, Colorado (Bent’s Old Fort and Fort Carson) is Criminal Justice and Military Academy.

Arlington, Virginia is US Army/Navy Military and Criminal Justice System HQ.

Charlottesville, Virginia is the F.B.I (US Army Lawyers N.S.A. and N.G.I.C.) Academy.

Langley, Virginia is the C.I.A.

Quatico, Virginia is Marine Corp. (City Police or Government) H.Q.

Valdosta and Glencoe, Georgia are US Marshal and F.B.I. Academy.

I’m pretty sure this is how it works but it’s dark down here in this Missle Silo euphemistically speaking, huh, Mister Addison.

Since I’ve lived and worked in all US Treasury Mint Cities, I guess I’m homeless in Seattle, Wahington so that King County Washington and New York can get paid.

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