United States Law is primarily British and American in origin

I do believe the one in a Police Uniform has Executive Authority at a Crime Scene, unless they are the primary suspect of the crime, even though most of the time the Police in Plain Clothes are the Executives and direct the Civil Processes of the Police in Uniform as well as Investigate Crime Scenes to the satisfaction of the Court as the Uniformed Officers are the Criminal Court’s Judges.

The Sheriffs Uniform is a Police Uniform with more Authority if they are not Suspect of any type of Crime within the City Limits.

The dividing line is at the State Border with the State Police as they are Deputy US Marshals at the middle line on the Scales of Justice that we often lady liberty holding blindfolded listening to the cases between the city and county over equality amongst all people who are those that are voters and are tired of the violence and have returned to the Courthouse to try and work it out paecefully but the obvious is true as well if you don’t show up for court after you have been put on notice by the Court’s Administrator’s, which is, the State Government, must act, anf if you are without a legal reason, for your absence, you lose your case and the scales weigh heavily in favor of injustice, because rumors, gossip and inuendo, will rule the minds of those who want the truth to win the day but are left wondering why and growing sick of the unanswered questions as time passes and death is obviously in the air.

The US Marshal is a Civil and Criminal Courthouse and Community Police Officer that directs the well funtioning of the Government and the People and has been placed in Power for Life by the Sheriffs Association and Chief’s of Police Associaton with the consent of the Attorney’s Association and the Lawyer’s Association by way of the elected term leaders and an agreement with the US Marshals.

The State Attorney General is a Civil Courthouse Police Officer and at the Federal level has only convinced some of the State Governments through popular elections they are the best person for the job.

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