Reasonable Doubt

If I am a United States Marshal, one of the US Courthouse Chiefs of Police, doesn’t it make sense that it all began when I was a child and that there were family members that also worked at the US Courthouse and USMS possibly even as Sheriffs and that they might not give me property promised me at the time of the cntract signings because I’m not doing something with the Federal Reserve Government or Federal Sheiffs (Marines) that would help them keep control of the US Treasury Bank considering Marine Law Enforcement often controls the Shipping lanes and Supervises Military Intelligence.

According to the dictionary a Magistrate is an Apprentice is Federal and I guess if the Marshal is the City, County, Federal, State Employer won’t give in to the employees demands the employees might want to fire them by whatever means they feel is necessary rather than ever have to do anything they say and well I’m financially broke so that means to me a lot of the time that they just want sex and well I’m a one woman man and since the US Courthouse has decided they all want homosexual marriage to be talked about all the time if you want to by legalizing it that is probably the reason the people who are afraid of my success un getting propert are harassing me to the degree of staulking which leads to assault and battery, robbery rape and murder and they would know that because they work at the Courthouse, too ans since I have also for 27 years I must be really getting on their nerves especially if their sex addicts, womanizers and homosexuals who have both bent and broken the laws and do it frequently and they have a lot of friends especially at the Courthouse, the factory and farm, they need to impress.and if I kill somebody that will work for them too or somebody is seriously trying to frame us all.

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