Pennsylvania is the home of the Free Mason

A Free Mason is a Church Builder and Construction Worker and person of Color that never was a Slave just like a Mason who is White and believes in God and reveals leadership in peaceful conversation.

The Revolutionary War that began on July 4, 1776 with Virginia Magistrate Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence resulted in Conneticut and Vitginia attacking Philadelphia, Pennsylvania under the pretense that there was no need for British rules anymore and ended after Philadelphia buillt Independance Mall and got them all in there and nauled the windows and doors shut stating that they had better come up with a Contract to repay Pennsylvania for attacking them and after 13 days in 1787 the US Constitution was drafted and the Federal Government began as the Pennsylvania State Authorities became the leaders of the USMS that mind Federal Workers who are those that attack the State and lose.

Virginia Magistrate Thomas Jefferson was unhappy that Pennsylvania and the British accepted the Massachusette’s John Adams and the Conneticutt Plan he offered by making George Washington the 1’st US President and giving John Adams the Vice Presidency and an State in Philadelphia and control over the Military to the Coast Guard and National Guard ultimately the Civil Court of New England or the most Northeast part of the US implying that the Merchant Marine (Church and Family Person and business owner) is the true leader and formed the Amy amd Navy and then they went and built the US Capitol in Virginia and Maryland declaring it all to be under the guidance of the State of Pennsylvania and the US Marshals sending everyone that didn’t wil the popular election but wanted to be government to live there.

The Air Force came much later after they were all done.

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