I’m trying to figure out if this US Marshal has a Problem with the Pay Master; the Secret Service Police or not

I have permanent disability and I only receive about a $1,000 of what I believe is supposed to be about a.$1,700 Social Security check and since sex isn’t illegal but sex for money is I’m wondering if they’re just being hateful and acting like a woman scorn or turned away from the man she has affection towards.

I meant a Washington State Police Officer just this morning who told me he is unaware that it is the US Marshal that is Chief of Police saying he thought just Federal and I think since the Secret Service Police have sometimes been known as Chief of the State Police outside of the prescence of the uniformed US Marshal they all just love to play mind games with me and treat me like a big mouth because I knoe the laws it’s my job it’s what they hired me for I don’t understand what the problem is and why it seems like they’re encouraging widespread rebellion and attacks on the uniformed government over money and sex issues when there’s plenty of both to go around. Can anyone help me figure this out?

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