Something, I’ve thought about

Southern Law so I’ve heard is Law degrees only entitle the lawyer to prosecute and defend in the county where it was issued and Prosecutions were for free and defense counsel would have to pay to represent the accused in any county.

Northern Law so I’ve heard is Law Degrees entitle the Lawyer to prosecute and defend Statwide in the State where it was issued. Prosecution in the North has always cost the Prosecutor to bring someone to court and defendants were represented for free.

This created tension between the North and South resulting in Civil War (1861 – 1865) which the North won placing the Union in control of the Confederacy which got what they wanted which are fees from the accused to have legal counsel in county law but after a short while that was forgiven and South Carolina and Virginia were allowed to rejoin the Union but there are some lawyers that still practice law ‘The Confederate Way’ and this is called the ‘Good Old Boy’ Legal System.

Southern Law also brought forth Banking System with the Pennsylvania Convention having moved to New York and then returned in 1787 to attempt to take over the new agreement between government and the FBI is one example of the type of Law Enforcement the South appreciates ‘The Bankers Gun’ in poor english because of an obvious rivalry with Common Law and Proprietary Law that states everyone makes mistakes and debt is a loan and work must be done for the benefit of the entire community to repay it, not enslavement as personal propety of those that accuse us of crime and have more fortunate before they accuse us, as in the obvious rivalry of old people versus young people for control of the bank and the people’s money stored there.

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