US Marshal College (Magistrate 4 years and Magistrate – Judge 8 years) ‘Class of 2000’ Graduate but the college is holding on to my Diploma for me for safe keeping

I finished in good standing with just several contoversial traffic violations and 1 misdemeanor with city/county jail time.

I am a Physician/Psychiatrist/Professor/Psycologist/IT Manager/Lawyer/Attorney/Judge/Class A CDL Truck Driver and Refrigeration Mechanic.

I had a Beneficial Savings and Loan Bank Checking Account/Chase Visa Credit Card/Sears Credit Card and a regular job before they decided to hit me over the head, sedate me and put me back in school at the State Department of Correction and I think they might be able to persuade the majority of the court of something because I really am a ‘Warden’ with an allegation that I’m ‘Criminally Insane’ because of a ‘Schizophrenic’ Diagnosis, after I made a complaint of Amnesia at the ER and a District Robbery Conviction for a mugging after I asked somebody for a dollar and received a ‘Death Threat’ in the Circuit Court.

The State or City and County must of wanted more from me than just Juvenile Hall Correctional Officer training as a suspect but Adult Correctional Officer Training as a Suspect before letting me identify myself safely as a US Marshal Police Officer.

It’s all a Secret Undercover Police Operation as a Public Service message to the boyz in the hood slinging dope and running whores that when it’s breaktime you have to put away the fun and games and get back to work for everyone’s information so we can all try to have a good time instead of just a few having a great time. I don’t hate yeah, I love yeah. I just want you to think it over cause that’s what I’ve been doing my whole life it seems.

Social Security and Medicare.

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