Banking on it

Money Problems and the responsibility for righting the wrongs of all government are the responsibility of the US President, the Attorney General, Homeland Security, the Federal Government and yourself and that means to remain law abiding as the issue is taken to State Civil and Criminal Court otherwise known as the City and County.

If you’re Income Tax is 25% per hour then you earn 3% for the 1st Calender Month and then you earn it daily.

Upon retirement or disability you will receive an hourly wage of 66% of all hourly Income Tax averaged by the year and paid every month in one lump sum.

Currently there is a minimum between $500 and $600 per month on Social Security pay outs.

Anything more than that is result of having worked at least 10 years for more than 6 months per year.

Your 5 best years are averaged out and that is divided into 12 monthly installments less 1/3.

It is your responsibility to pay any Income Tax due on Social Security.

You will always pay Income tax and receive 2/3 rds back on any income as long as you live.

If you’ve done the Math and you’re money is less it’s because the Civil Court imposes fines in addition to Taxes on any Income and you have to pay the Civil Court to discover what those fines are for and to take them to Civil Court to try and win the money back.

The Federal Court may intercede and pay off the debt for you if the Civil Court’s burden of proof lacks sufficent credibility because they did not let you know the reasons for those fines and won’t let you make a contest to win the money back in Civil Court.

If you contest the Civil Court’s actions about those fines you may have to answer to charges in Criminal Court.

This figures are average and brought to my attention a few years ago.

This is a job for the US Marshal Service.

It’s how I understand the Banking System.

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