The Crowd wants a show

Feeling all alone again but in the prescense of Ghosts, Spirits, Spooks, Spectres, Ghouls, Demons, Wise Guys, Cops, Pigs, Prostitutes, Whores, Junkies, Addicts, Users, Abusers, Lust, Greed, Bigotry, Prejudice, Anger, Sorrow and Love, I had found a moment’s rest to close my eyes from my long journey at 6th Street and Spring Street at a park in Seattle, Washington USA when a drunk and disorderly Indian man nearly got away with attacking me by running up to me and standing over the top of me very angrily in front of a lot of people and I told hilm to stay away from me numerous times but he kept calling me out while getting entirely to close to my body and pump faking like he was going to hit me until I popped him in the mouth and knocked him down and I waited until he came to and then told him to leave me alone some more and he left quite amused with himself.

I called ‘911’ and 4 City Police Officers showed up and I identified myself truthfully as US Marshal in a labor dispute as I have never been paid accordingly directly from the court since it all began 27 years ago but that I receive Social Security and Medicare and I’m happy with that for the most part but unhappy that I still get used excessively in Police Work because I think some of them want me to be their queer lover and friend and some of them want me to help out because it’s my job and they care enough to just be supportive neighbors and then I told them what happened with the drunk and disorderly Indian and said that I didn’t want to press charges and they said they’d go have words with the guy if they could find him and I said that I would be happy to make a formal report if something went wrong and that I would be in the neighborhood walking around because I’m essentially stranded here because of lack of State Identification and I think that’s because they want all my memories and by the way this incident reminds me of a very similar one in 2008 in the same place.

I think the incident has everything to do with correcting a possible Insurance Scam with Medicare, Molina Insurance, the DESC and my former Provider Pennsylvania Life, Swedish Hospital and Dr. Wang and for some reason Phelps Construction builders of Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center – Aurora, CO, Army JAG NGIC, Charlottesville, VA, Air Force, FBI, AFL-CIO, Homeland Security, Humana Hospital.

The story probably has a lot of value for many reasons and in a strange and wierd sort of way almost comforting to know improves morale.

When are they going to lighten up.

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