Social Deregulation is a volatile situation

As I sit here witing this a crowd of twenty somethings has gathered and I realize that they’re probably from rural, suburban, urban communities and possibly even the reservation and their male and female, all colors and they’re looking for something, wanting some directions, needing some answers. I get the feeling that since it’s 4:00 am they all have sought me out because it’s no secret I’m on the streets until further notice, something the court dreamn’t up and these people look like they might be taking their orders from some Chieftain and the Director that would love to strike it rich teaching them all to put away their vices and to sing and dance now that the emotional bills are paid and fame has brought them a better image. I can only say best of luck to them because it’s a tough racket.

I still have the nearby water fountain and that day when I realized that love can be found agai if you just take the time and ask yourself is this the place for me.

I’ve seen it before.

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