Between March and September 1994 I had a 750cc Kawasaki Motorcycle that I rode through the Rocky Mountains on until one day in my Levi jeans, Leather Jacket, Reebok high top shoes, t-shirt, leather gloves, Harley Davidson head bandannas and wood shop goggles, I went to Utah and

As I stopped to rest in Salt Lake City, I was Shanghaied by the USMS, I think, to go on tour again with the Fugitive/A.W.O.L. Task Force, to do it their way, sedated, I was told by one of them, because if I could remember that I’m a US Marshal Police Officer by Contract even though I have never been issued Police Property so I can’t have possibly ever deputized anyone, I might have called the whole thing off with no penalty of law and I think they told me they believed there were just too many criminals for me to get so excited and walk away from the opportunity to bust so many crooks the court docket would be filled for years to follow with all sorts of cases and since they’ve done it to me before and after in a similar way and I’m alive and now receive some compensation to do it full time without sedatives I really don’t know what to think except I do received a lot of moral support from the court and for all of the aggravation I get everyday it is a relief to know that some people still believe the law book is the best plan of legal action.

That adventure in Law Enforcement in the Spring and Summer of 1994 was followed by passing the G.E.D. Exam in the top 5% of test takers that month, April, 6 weeks of Technical School in Computers at DTC, went on a bust with the Aurora, CO PD on a call of man possibly high on drugs and with a gun terrorizing the community where he lived and worked as a maintence man, 54 days in the Arapahoe County Detention Center and then by a Month in the Summit County Jail, a few days in the Arapahoe County Jail,  again and then a few days in the Adams County Jail and then a week back in the Summit County Jail.

I also worked for North American Van Lines in Aurora, Colorado and Bekins Van Lines in Denver, CO and Chase Lumber Company in Commerce City, CO at most for about $250 a week. It was all good, though, I got a few tattoo’s, ueI had my own apartment, family nearby, a girl friend, some goofy friends and some good neighbors at the Abrigo Apartsments right down the Street from Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center and right beneath the Emergency Run Way for Stapleton International Airport the 7th largest in the world at the time.

That was the time of my 22nd Birthday and I already had over 4 years in with the USMS.

I read up on it and it’s all pretty much by the legal book with a bunch of petty and misdemeanor activity it seems at face value on everyone’s part but Juries ultimately decide guilt and Judges decide punishment, most of the time so I’ll just try to leave it at that and trust God to keep me healthy and happy.

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