Sometimes I feel like I’m the lonliest Public Minister in all the world I’m straight, never beem married, I have no children, I own no real property my pay is disquised as a $12,000 a year Social Security Check I’ve been given the job of Police Recruiter Undercover Vice Officer basically in the Federal District because it’s the only place I can afford to live and I’ve been given the label of Criminally Insane Retarded Drug Addict and my relatives don’t want me living in their home and I’ve never raped or murdered anyone by the legal standard and the State Overdosed me on meds in Virginia and the Feds made up a robbery charge and stuck it to me at the Circuit Court (New York) in Virginia as well and I went to prison for a really long time

Some State Federal gang tonight decided they were going to surround me where I slept outside near the US Courthouse of Appeals in Seattle, Washington USA and wake me up with a headache and try to seduce me into homosexual prostitution, alcoholism and drug addiction and I hear they’re going to keep trying and they just might get a little tougher.

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