In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, the United States Courthouse of Appeals and the United States Treasury operate a Federal Policy through the Postal System that goes out to numeous cities throughout the United States of America and the World

‘t all began around the year 1638 when the Marshals in Philadelphia hired the Philadelphians and went west and established Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as the State Capitol of Pennsylvania and then went to New York, New York and established it as the Federal Capitol and then went north to Albany, New York and established it as the State Capitol of New York and then went South to Charlottesville, Virginia and established it as the National Capitol before going East and establishing Richmond, Virginia as the State Capitol of Virginia and then went East to Camden, New Jersey and established it as the Foreign Capitol and then went to Nort to Trenton, New Jersey and established it as the State Capitol of New Jersey and then went to Wilmington, Delaware and established it as US Magistrate Headquarters and then went east to establish the Delaware State Capitol and then went South to Washington DC and established it as the United States Capitol, along the way they established the City of Baltimore, Maryland Government, the State of Maryland Government and the Secret Service Police which coincidentially hire at 16 years of age to protect the interest of the US President and through the years have established many City Governments including Houston, Texas and Seattle, Washington, I think and established the US Department of Homeland Security in 2002.

The Philadelphia Government established all 13 Colony’s that together established the US Government of the year 1787 by becoming State Governments. This story is told in part at Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as well as many other historic sites along tje East Coast of the United States of America.

In the year 1492, the Italian, Christopher Columbus, Spainards and Portuguese, set sail from Europe and landed in San Salvadore in the West Indies just off the Florida Coast and the Spainard La Salle went to Florida and established the very first city of North America, the City of Saint Augustine, Florida, which collapsed from lack of Natural Resources before moving to the Gulf Coast of Texas and possibly meant up with the Spainard Cortez who might have ventured all the way to South America and visited the pyramids of the Native American Indian Aztecs and Mayans giving creedance to the thought that the Africans of Egypt and the Asians had been there many thousand of years ago before establishing Corpus Christie, Texas as a corporation of government and then went to the Coast of California and established the Spainish Misson District and then after the Jacksonian Wars of 1812 upon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Washington DC to remove the British which failed moved just west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and joined with the United States of America Government, thereby becoming incorporated and nationally recognized as profitable cities.

In the year 1000, Leif Ericcson, a Norse Viking with many Greeks, and Macedonians, Irish, Scottish, Sweedish and Finish landed in Canada and established the Hudson Bay Company with the help of the English and French which also then incorporated with the United States of America around the year 1812.

I have also tead about a similar adventure that the Italian Marco Polo had going East into China and Asia and bringing back Spaghetti to Italy and leaving the message of much fortune across the Pacific Ocean in the Americas.

I think this is accurate from what I’ve read in the History Books of the last century at the Public Library.

I think that if there hadn’t been a lot of caring to go with all of this sharing that it could have meant the end of the human race.

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