Any United States Attorney that allows a foreign National to violate US Law on US Soil against the same US Citizen more than once especially to cover up non payment of Government Contracts to the US Citizen by the Attorney General’s Office should be expelled from US Soil right along with the Foreign National because if not that would mean they’re acting in the same way the CIA acts in foreign countries to control and manipulate the economy through the international stock market to their favor so they make money off of mass media confusion and weapons of death and unless they make a formal apology with restitution to the victims or we all might just want to kick their ass everyday and actually do it one day when we’ve had enough of them besides what’s wrong with admitting the truth that when you’re wrong you should apologize and take care of the people you hurt

I just got harassed and threatened with violence by a Mexican Construction Crew in the Westlake District for using an outhouse so that I could take a shit in the right place.

I sure am glad I believe in mercy maybe they should all give it a try, sorry, maybe they do and I’m just having a bad day because of all the ‘Bills’ I have to pay, please forgive me if you can.

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