Everyday is the same for me since I began working for the courthouse 27 years ago w/o Courthouse Identification

I have to put up with a bunch of suicidal/homocidal maniacs addicted to themselves, gambling, drugs, alcoholism and prostitution except 12 years ago my parents and relatives threw me out of the house probably because of all the publicity and now are trying to keep quiet about it and are spending a lot of money trying to forget about me and maybe keep me barely alive for interest value on the story at the stock exchange and the #1 reason is that I won’t give homosexuality a try like they did and the rest of the Court probably wants to get rid of us all for it.

Yes, I signed both contracts USMS/US Army at the US Courthouse Denver, CO – 1988 and Philadelphia, PA – 1992.

And anyone that wants to know for sure will find out when they take the money to off me and someone from the Court gets them in their birthday suit.

I guess they just can’t help but keep fueling the fires of Civil War.

And I thought it was just the criminals I had to worry about.

I guess it could be like they say I might just have one fantastic imagination and I guess they’d know for sure because the Courts are in the Newspaper, Magazine, Television, Movie, Theater, Music, Art and Money Making Business.

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