A Voyage beyond Imagination

I get tired of waiting. The ship rocks back and forth and rolls side to side so often I feel amazingly sleepy too often. I think of her. I picture her a perfict fit for my darkest pleasure and sexual fantasy. I see so many things out here on the high seas of my life. I need to know if what I see is real. I want to know if she will come back to me if I drive this ship into enemy territory. Will she love me just the same. I think about how long its been since I held her hand I don’t know if I’ll tremble and shake if I ever get to hold her again. I feel lost when I’m alone with her memory. I’ve got only one place left to go. I guess I’ll be going there alone. I’ve got just my fans to keep me company. I guess that’s the way it’s supposed to be for the time being. I guess I just ain’t as lonely as I seem to be. I’m waiting patiently with eternity. The love inside of me.

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