The United States Marshal Service is the Administration of the United States Military and since I just received some bad news from the King County Courthouse Public Law Library and the Department of Defense in Arlington, Virginia USA stating that I have no Status with the United States Military after which what appeared to be a black man carrying a pizza from MOD and a crew of white people who I feel were stalking me caused me to begin to speak outloud about my problems to no one imparticular because I seem to think that queer niggers (those that lie, cheat and steal to get their way) are winning the day the black man decided to insult me and my mother and then challenge me to a fight and then ran away with them into the Crowne Plaza in Seattle, Wasington USA and the craziest thing is it’s a repeat of a similar incident that happened a few years ago when the Virginia State Department of Corrections allowed me to be transported here heavily sedated to be homeless in an attempt to turn me to homosexuality as a way out while I was supposed to be in custody at Deep Meadow Correctional Center in Chatham, Virginia USA in 2008 and I think that it’s because of the illegal doping and false imprisonment metted out to me in Charlottesville, Virginia USA and the fact I’m still not a queer nigger

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