My life must be about keeping the Bush Family in Politics, getting a German Catholic Pope named Joseph Ratzinger into the Vatican, Music and Movie tickets, Gay Marriage Rights, Black Leaders, a Middle Eastern Prison and all I have to do is be myself

A Patient Convict.

US Marshal w/o Property and while Amnesiac diagnosed Schizophrenic, Major Depression and PTSD had a heart attack and stroke and then accused of Robbery (a mugging) and forced to plead guilty and then sent to prison for years and now living outside trying to stay in touch with the Court through letter writing hoping for the best marriage w/children, home, car, job…, etc

I like to write poetry, too.

An (Undercover) Police Officer and Firefighter’s Story about what to do when somebody robs the local bank and goes on the run usually to another country and it’s time to move on with life keeping faith and hope in the miracles of God alive in the community.

Lights, Camera, Silence on the set 3, 2, 1 action…,

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