You know there could be a very good chance that England’s King William could actually be my Child

Princess Diana of Wales, almost 9 years older than myself, was in the USA at the same time Pope John Paul of the Vatican and Catholic Church in Rome, Italy was back in the 1980’s the year he was nearly killed and my dad was a bodyguard to Colorado’s Governor Richard Lamb and since I went on to become a Police Marshal w/o Property now on Social Security for labor work that was in addition to the Police Surveillence Work that I’ve always done since 1988 it may have been why the Pope was shot because I was just entering teenage puberty around that time and King William who is taller than myself looks a lot like me but it could all be a diversion so that the boy could become a man married to a woman and bring children into the world to help run a ‘Corporate Empire’ and if I am his dad I’m sorry I missed your birthday but I was busy working to buy you that Island and give you the world, my son, Happy Birthday!

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