I think it was Los Angelas, California and 1987

I remember there was a man in a suit possibly an Attorney and Police Officers there in a trailer with me while the British Rock Band U2 was waiting for the okay to perform a concert for everyone on a rooftop and one of them told me if I didn’t suck their dick then there would be no concert and I said that’t not my problem it’s yours because I’m not gay and later I was up on that rooftop getting called bad names and being threatened by some of them with being thrown off and I said that I still wouldn’t do it and they called the show off but one of them a band member or a roadie said it was okay because they had a backup plan and they started performing until one of the Police Officers broke it all up and everybody went home. I watched a music video earlier today and it all came back to me they said it was 1987 and that means I would have been 15 y.o. and I went on to become a Physician and US Magistrate in Denver, CO at the end of 1988 and a US Magistrate Judge in Philadelphia, PA in the Spring of 1992. Pretty strange, huh, I was never issued Police Property and now I’m on Social Security and I have been sleeping outdoors for over 2 years and I’m still not gay.

I think that the Attorney Generals Office and CIA dreamn’t up this deal to bring everything back to Washington DC and Virginia because I served hard time for years in the Virginia State Penitentiary and Prison System for having Amnesia and a Crime I didn’t commit a few years back when I was just passing through and looking for help at the University of Virginia.

I guess when they hired me there were some things they wanted me to forget about for awhile but hey we’re talking about the government that earns money because they’re Actors and Actresses and of Course Attorney’s and Lawyers in the Public Media in this country and world and of course at heart.

It’s only time and money that I’ve lost and well there’s always something going on around here I just have to get up the energy to go looking for it now don’t I.

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