A Story from this Police Officer

Special Events require Security and one time, early on in my career at a rally I watched as a man attempted to snub out the life of another and as I came to my senses I ran into action and physically disarmed the man with the gun seconds in my opinon from squeezing the trigger and letting blood perhaps as the price he felt must be paid to be in control and as I came under attack from other conspirators at the scene I still managed to capture the other man that picked up the gun from the ground like a fumble in a football game and run away with it ans as I was told security had arrived I stood up and faced them and a woman attacked me I scooped her up and lifted her into the air like a dance partner and another man stated therebwas a gun to the back of my head as I heard what sounded like the gun’s hammer being locked into the firng position or cocked telling me to set her down gently and I did and as the two Security Guards attempted to take me into custody I was struck in the head from behing by something heavy and fell to the floor when the same man statung that he F.B.I. told me he was going to kill me and I told him to go to hell and then said it’d be Capitol Murder because.I’m a US Marshal and then I passed out from exhaustion as I believe I was drugged and brought to the seen without express consent by someone close to the family who claimed to be working for the family and told me it was part of the job. I don’t know if it was staged and for the X -Files so that maybe the movie ‘My Bodyguard’ with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner could be scripted and to also probably try to understand what happned when Jack Roby killed Oswald for killing US President Kennedy back in Dallas in 1963 that’s giving me the creeps but every moment since I just remembered I get a little better with it.

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