Sitting by a Fountain

I must look old to the people that walk by this park where there is a great fountain that I like to sit and play music and write the stories of my life occasionally writing lyrics to a song about someone I might like to get to know and that’s a lot of songs to write in one sitting. I like to sit and listen to the water from the fountain it reminds me of a waterfall I was at a longtime ago, mellow. Right now, I can hear some good Jazz Music playing in another part of the park I am sitting in beside a fountain as I write this to you. It feels like I’m writing lyrics that go along with the Jazz Music and the Fountain. I really like Jazz Music because it reminds me of the Blues I grew up on listening to with Mom, Billie Holiday is our favorite, we’re from Philadephia too. Mom passed away and I hope she made it to heaven and is waiting for me there. I’m in Seattle now and I feel a little strange being here but I can handle it probably because I get a lot of help from everybody and that’s great news. I like it here. I sleep in this park sometimes because that’s just the way it is right now. Sometimes a pretty girl comes by and gives me what I really need and that’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Maybe one day it will be more than just a smile, I hope not, but if it is, I think will be able to handle it together. I’m going make it to the big-time one day and I’m going to remember this fountain as a place where I feel loved. I think I have a song that I’d like to sing out loud about what’s going on all around this place right now. It’s called “Sitting by a Fountain” of course like this story.

Sitting here,

Thinking back,

How the years,

Have passed,

I have cried,

I have cared,

I have laughed,

I have lied,

I have hurt so many people,

Chasing down a dream,

That probably,

Won’t ever come true,

Have you?

Wait don’t tell me,

Unless you really want to,

Start something,

My life,

It’s about getting used,

I been used,


I’ve used,

I’ve used,

It’s true,

What am I suppose to do,

When I need you,

When I can’t find you,

When the world around me,

Is putting me down,

I get so tired,

Of trying to find you,

I must sit down,

I just wanted to say,

Sitting down by a fountain,

I found you,

You’re in my head,

Come back to me,

I want to hold you in my arms,

Make you mine,

All mine,

All the time,










Ryhme me another time,


Surround me,

Within your earthly paradise,

The way that men and women were meant to be…,

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