I guess that when the US Attorney Generals Office is caught in Breach of Contract w/ the Marshal instead of satifying the terms of the Contracts they just pack up and leave to go set up shop somewhere else

And this reminds me of the expression “Little Shop of Horrors” with the whore house, the flop house, and the dope house taking 1st place in their life, too bad, I had hoped that I wouldn’t continue to feel this way the longer I stayed here but I guess the Real Estate Market waits for none.

I know I’m 43 and I was a Physician: Doctor/Lawyer and US Magistrate by 16 1/2 and guess what no credentials and I was a US Marshal by 19 and guess what still no credentials and I belive it’s because it was US Attorney Generals Office responsibility and they ignored the law because they believe in Slavery and they don’t care what anyone thinks about it enough to stop persecuting everyone because if they did they’d stop and then honor their handshakes, agreements and contracts by paying the money they owe to the people they owe but I guess that’s out of the question for a National Federalist I could be wrong about that and I kind of hope I am.

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