Another Disturbance in the neighborhood

Throughout the night I awaken from my sleep beside the Washington Convention Center Building by obnoxious passerby’s and then early in the morning a black woman was being pursued by a white male with dark hair and two black males and she apeared to be telling them to leave her alone. I phoned 911 Emergency and let them know maybe because it was early it seemed like the operator was having trouble understanding plain English and I got a little upset with her and had to apologize. Soon after I saw a patrol officer in a squad car a few blocks away and I followed up with him.

Life’s strange because even that seemed like a repeat from the past and since my wallet went missing a few days ago it’s been happening more frquently.

I think back to 2008 when after a malicous prosecution in Virginia after having been put on psychotropic medication I was brought here to Seattle, Washington and made to walk the streets like a bum and find rest wherever I could but since I’m not gay or an alcoholic or a drug addict or a liar or a thief the government that did it is trying to get me in a fight to be locked up, raped or murdered because I have been a US Marshal since 1988 and I have never been paid accordingly.

Back before being approved for Social Security in 2005 I was often kidnapped, drugged and put through the same thing and it was all done to catch criminals I was told during the course of events but since I have always liked to read, write and work I guess this is the governments way of getting a whole for a little direct compensation to myself and having one heck of a story to tell about it in movies and music.

This kind of reminds me of a FORD Theater in Washington DC incident in the year 1865 with the assasination of the 16th US President Abraham Lincoln and his willingness to observe the laws and talk about them keeping it on everybody’s mind.

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