1989 Football Season

I was first string Offensive Center Guard and first string defensive Noseguard sometimes Middle Line backer and I was only 155lbs and could Bench Press 255 lbs and I was only 5’10” small and the laed tackler for the freshman squad of the La Junta High School Tigers, 17 years young and living as a US Magistrate on Bent’s Old Fort in Colorado and we had 120 + hours of Spring Training before we ever played the first of our 8 game season and I even got to play a little Junior Varsity and Varsity and I’ll always remember our Coach Mr. Z’s famous words to me “Go get ’em Tiger” and “Knock their dicks in the dirt” and I remember we traveled twice out of state to New Mexico, one time to play an 8 man game and it was probably one of the best times I ever had and I had a room mate named Brad Turnell to share it with and I got taught a punch and run move in pursuit of the Quarterback by a 14 year Veteran of the Green Bay Packers called the Jack and Swim which at the time reminded me of a Swimming High Dive the Instructor said I perfected at Aurora, Colorado Parks and Recreation Center called Utah Swimming Pool named the Jack Knife Swan Dive the year I ran 3 laps on the asphalt path around the park in 22′ and 13″ with a voice in my head nicknaming me Sprint the spring I had a paper route with the Rocky Mountain News and lived at 1601 Troy Street in 1983, and earlier that year in the Spring I was plaing for the Aurora Cardinals as a Left Fielder and I hit 1 HR for sure and another they ruled an in field double even though it went over the fence they said because the field was short at 335′, I also got to see a doubleheader in the minor league division with the Colorado Zephyers at Mile High Stadium, I sure do miss them days.

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